Organic Quinoa 有机小米

Organic Quinoa 有机小米

Model: QUIN


Quinoa is considered by many to be a super grain, delicious to taste and disproportionately high in protein, low in GI. Quinoa is often substituted for rice for its high protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibers and so on. Quinoa is regarded as the "Gold of Incas".

Mother of all grains to replace rice.

Higher quercetin than cranberries that has anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory effects.

Gluten-free and a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids in sufficient quantities.

Glycemic index of 53 and reduces blood sugar.

Symptoms solved: Weight gain, constipation, diabetes, acid reflux


Sprouted Organic Vegan Quinoa Chicken Rice = 4 pax


1 O&G Organic Quinoa - 400g
2 O&G Organic Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 100g
3 Organic Ginger - 24g grated
4 Raw Salt (Organic French Salt) – 8g
5 O&G Raw Distilled Water – 680g


1 Pour organic quinoa into a washing container
2 Add water and wash it
3 Pour out the water as much as possible
4 Add more water to soak the quinoa for 2.5 hours
5 Pour content into a wire net to drain out the water
6 Rinse and drain the soaked quinoa
7 Cover with a damp cloth to sprout for 1 hour
8 Rinse and drain all water
9 Place sprouted quinoa into rice cooker
10 Add distilled water – 680g
11 Add in the grated ginger paste
12 Add in the salt
13 Cover rice cooker and press start
14 After cooking ends, keep warm for 30 minutes before opening cover.
15 Add Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil and mix well
16 Ready to serve! Enjoy.
17 You can sprinkle some O&G Raw Turmeric powder for extra power

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