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Medical Report on 27th September 2017 indicating cancerous lumps and lymph node infection.

Medical report on 20th October 2017 indicating no cancerous lymph nodes left after doing detox and health potion programme.

Janice Chai Slimming & Cleansing with O&G

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9 Questions with the lovely couple Ms Petina Choo Ai Bee, age 47, and Mr Tan Chin Huat, age 50

Q: How long have you both been with Olive & Green as a client?
Both: 1-3 months 

Q: Which solution(s) did you both purchase from Olive & Green?
Both: Liver Cleanse and Slimming Quencher


Q: Did you both have any doubts at first about buying from O&G? What has their reputation been with you or with the people who told you about them?
Petina: Yes. My brother told us about O&G by SMSing us the website. We saw how he looked after the Slimming Quencher and decided to come down to try. He told us we had to seek Vivien’s advice first on what to do.
Chin Huat: Absolutely yes! Never tried any stuff from O&G before.

Q: Why did you choose to buy those solution(s)? What issues did you have initially?
Petina: I had originally only wanted to try the Slimming Quencher because my brother tried it before. However, I had backache, arm pains and leg pains, so Vivien recommended us to try the liver cleanse. 
Chin Huat: I purchased those solutions from O&G due to backache, having constipation and tiredness


Q: Did those solution(s) help to solve your issues? 
Both: Yes.

Q: In what way did you use O&G solution(s) to solve your issues? What was your experience during the treatment period?
Petina: As advised by Vivien, I used the solutions at night. I also ate a morning breakfast of Seed Mix and Beetroot Powder as well as a night time drink of Flaxseed Powder and Tomato Powder.

My digestive system and breathing also improved after trying the Slimming Quencher. I also had a migraine and would take a Panadol every day and after the liver cleanse, I have not had to take any Panadol for two months now and counting. The Liver Cleanse also lowers high blood pressure and clears phlegm, making it easier to breathe.

For the Liver Cleanse, I felt like vomiting because it was very sour and oily, a very sudden departure from my usual eating habits. However, I just kept thinking I was drinking lime juice to overcome it.

The Slimming Quencher was much better than other detox programmes I had tried. I didn’t feel sleepy or have a headache during the Slimming Quencher programmes. The Slimming Quencher focused more on purifying, internal cleansing of dirt from body, making you lighter. Slimming programmes outside focus on external compression or reducing water retention but the fat is still stored inside. I believe whatever we take in must be cleansed out. I feel light after doing the Slimming Quencher.

Chin Huat: First time I did the liver cleanse was for two weeks, together with my wife. We followed Vivien’s advice. Liver cleanse made me feel more relaxed and released my tiredness after one week. It also really cleansed my bowels. At present, I’m doing the liver cleanse for the second time.

I have also done the Slimming Quencher twice and gotten rid of much of my fats. I did almost three weeks straight and when I put on my clothing, especially trousers which used to feel tight, I feel that my belly has become flatter and the clothes fit me again. When I go running for exercise, I don’t feel panting, my breathing is more relaxed, smoother. 

Q: How long did it take from the time you used the product until the problems you had were gone?
Both: About two weeks.
Chin Huat: I believe it was so fast because I don’t smoke.

Q: Would you recommend our solution(s) to your friends? Please give a short explanation why.
Petina: I have recommended my parents, sister and colleagues. I feel that health is very important and my colleague has high blood pressure from drinking too much alcohol. Health is especially important when our young kids depend on us.

Chin Huat: To recommend people I come across, I don’t really talk to them. It is by results, because they are wondering how I slim down so fast. What made me recommend is that sometimes, during conversations, I hear about some of their problems and I would recommend O&G as a solution.

Q: Please leave any suggestions to improve our services below:
Petina: I feel that there should be more knowledge sharing on post-maintenance, such as your cooking classes, to prevent wasting the program. There should be a program to continue and maintain their figure. People tend to be too tired to come for exercise classes, so it’s better to teach them how to eat proper, exercise and avoid junk food on their own. 

I also read an article that said we should detox every month to get rid of toxins accumulated over time, the only problem is how to continue doing so and make it a habit. 

Vivien is a life saver. And one life saved can save another person’s life.

Chin Huat: O&G has been quite unknown in the market and having Vivien to tag along with and helping us take care of our health was really good. Should train more people even if at first they don’t listen or believe. Without trying the product, it is hard to know how good it is.

9 Questions with Ms Ng Yin Fun, age 48 (Hair Stylist)

Q: How long have you been with Olive & Green as a client?
More than 3 months.

Q: Which solution(s) did you purchase from Olive & Green?
Liver cleanse and Slimming Quencher.


Q: Did you have any doubts at first about buying from O&G? What were your initial issues?
Not really, I was introduced by my friend Jo. I used to consume plenty of supplements and was looking for healthier alternatives. I also had high blood pressure, shoulder pains, migraines and got tired easily.


Q: Did those solution(s) help to solve your issues? 

Q: How long did it take from the time you used the product until the problems you had were gone?
3 weeks.

Q: What were your results after the treatment?
I felt less tired and more energetic. I was also able to see more clearly and my skin improved.

Q: How did you use the O&G solution(s)? What was your experience during the treatment period?
According to Vivien’s instructions. At the start, I was a little reluctant to try but over time I felt that the products had a good effect and found it easier to do over time.

Q: Would you recommend our solution(s) to your friends? Please give a short explanation why.
Yes, I felt it helped me greatly and so I recommended it to my friends and customers.

Q: Please leave any suggestions to improve our services below:
I hope that more people can come to experience the benefits of O&G products.

1)     "All along I have believed in eating only healthy food, organic or not. I didn’t believe in taking western medicine or seeing doctors because they treat you like an experiment, taking down notes and performing tests on you when you’re sick. I went for a medical check-up recently and spent $300 just to get my blood tested! I could have afforded 3 months’ worth of healthy food to actually cure my medical condition instead with that sort of money.

When my liver developed problems resulting in jaundice, the doctors asked me to stay in hospital to put an endoscope down my throat to see what was happening in my liver and another one up my rear to scope my large intestines. I refused because of the risks involved and the large number of injections required.

I came looking for your mom because I’ve heard from friends that she had something to clear your insides. I knew from attending health lectures by a health professional, Dr. Li Jio Nam, that if you had liver problems, you should take lemon, carrot, olive oil and a bit of salt blended together to cure it. This is just what I did and when the medical check-up results came back, the doctors couldn’t believe that I was fully cured of jaundice within a week!

I have tried many olive oils over the years and this one was the best because it had the strongest fragrance. So many kinds of olive oils outside had no scent and was thus not much use in cooking. I consumed this oil really quickly, 500 ml in 5 days because of how many different ways it could be used. When I wake up, I would rinse my mouth for 10 minutes with one tablespoon of olive oil before spitting it out and drinking another one tablespoon of olive oil. I also mixed 2 tablespoons of ABC powder, one tablespoon of multi-seed mix and 2 tablespoons of olive oil with a cup of water daily to drink. When your noodles are cooked, add a few tablespoons of this olive oil to improve the taste. Most olive oils are mixed with lesser grades which results in a weaker taste. Only Cyprus has the best olive oils compared to all other brands, whether they are from Italy, Spain, cold-pressed, organic or non-organic. I would recommend this oil to anyone who wants to listen to how to live a healthy lifestyle."

-Patrick Goh (64 year-old former sufferer of jaundice)