Olive & Green was founded by Desmond Tan in 2007 with the mission of helping people eat healthier, natural diets and live longer, happier lives.We empower our customers with health knowledge and solutions to save themselves, their family, friends and Mother Nature.

Organic Sprouted Breads continue to define our dilligence and dedication to caring for health. Historically, many of our grains were sprouted before consumption, something that modern techniques have largely eradicated for the sake of convenience. Though time-consuming and tedious, Founder of Olive & Green, Desmond Tan chose to stick to this traditional method of caring for the grain so that customers get to eat breads in their optimal state.

Sprouting grains is the most natural way of baking while maximising the nutrients available in the bread. This has been lab tested and proven to be so. The sprouting process essentially turns the grain into a tiny plant, so when eaten, the grain is treated as a vegetable rather than a starch, thus making it easy to digest. Sprouted breads can provide a complete set of amino acids - the building blocks of protein.

We are not another baker making breads the usual 'time is money' way. You will not find any alien-looking ingredients on our labels - improvers, baking soda, softening/raising agent, preservatives, artificial flavourings - some of which have names most of us do not even know how to pronounce.

And we do not need to 'enrich' our breads with chemical jargons in the likes of Calcium Propionate, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Fortified with Vitamin A. Organic or natural ingredients when used the right way will store the nutrients we need for our body.

This is the Art and Beauty of Mother Nature.