Raw Slimming QQ Noodle  有机瘦身生面
Raw Slimming QQ Noodle  有机瘦身生面 Raw Slimming QQ Noodle  有机瘦身生面

Raw Slimming QQ Noodle 有机瘦身生面

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Organic Semolina Durum wheat and Konjac Root Powder with no additives make this noodle the healthier and high fiber choice for that craving you have, both in soup and on its own.

RAW QQ Noodle  优质生面


  • Semolina Durum Wheat

  • Konjac Root Powder

  • Raw Distilled Water

  • Himalayan Salt

No animal content. No chemical, additives, preservative OR egg added. Just all the Natural Goodness and none of the bad.

The secret behind high quality noodle is in the pressing method and drying process used. Correct pressing using roller presses will compact and stretch the semolina proteins into very fine treads and strengthen the noodle naturally, with a chewy and smooth texture. Air drying at low temperature prevents these fine treads from fracture or nutrient lost, including two essential amino acids lysine and methionine.  Our QQ noodle remains raw and is frozen to preserve freshness and protect the fine treads from breaking. It can be cook faster than other dried and devitalized varieties. Dried noodle keeps well in normal condition, but its chewy structures and protein strands had been destroyed by over dryness. The bite quality will not be perfect. Most shops prefer to sell only dried and devitalized varieties due to storage, shelf life and convenience. The creation of this raw QQ noodle is to provide a better choice for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Semolina Durum wheat is a distinctly different variety of Triticum turgidum L.var durum, which is high in protein and has the particular quality that its endosperm, the floury material in the middle of the grain intact in granular lumps called semolina.


The cooking pot should be big enough to hold 500cc of water for every 100 grams of noodle.

Put the frozen noodle into the pot once the water begins to boil while stirring it and keeping a high flame until the water begins to boil again.

It is always good to do taste tests to ensure that the texture is to your liking. It is best to slightly undercook it. Note that the noodle will continue to cook after it has been placed on a tray. Overcooking will destroy the noodle's chewy structure and also loses too much nutrients in the water. 

Add  Hippocrates Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and your favorite sauce, spices and herbs over the noodle as soon as it is put on the tray and mix them up. Remember that it tastes best when it is served hot.


Keep Frozen.

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