Anti-bacterial IonPaint 负离子涂料
Anti-bacterial IonPaint 负离子涂料

Anti-bacterial IonPaint 负离子涂料

Model: INP


Air Pollutants In Your House

Should you be concerned?

There are several harmful chemical substances found internally: FORMALDEHYDE , BENZENE ,VOC etc 
They continuously release toxins for OVER 10 years 

International Agency for Research on cancer (IARC) & US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that


The culprit of cancer ailments such as Nasopharyngeal / Leukemia.

What are Negative Ions?

Negative Ions Are Nature's Air Vitamins

Forests, mountains and waterfalls in nature generate ENORMOUS negative ions at a concentration of 2000 - 5000/cm3. This is the main reason why people feel refreshed when they visit such environments. Hence they are known as “Air Vitamins”.

Ionpaint is an innovative paint formulated using Nano technology to create ultrafine Tourmaline powder that produces an endless supply of negative ions. Ionpaint can generate negative ion 1200 ppm /cm³ and above in the air, effectively filling your home with a sea of negative ions.

Negative Ions Effect

Sleep well
Reduce fatigue
Improve mood
Improve immunity
Keep skin young and beautiful
Promote metabolism
Improve mood
Strong bones
Easy heartbeat
Vascular smooth
Increasing mental focuses and alertness
Improve learning ability
Improve immunity



Short Drying Time
Water Resistant


Zero formaldehyde & odorless


Eliminates Undesirable Odor

Air Purification


Cleans VOCs

International Accreditation

Japan Association of Ion Research & Application (Jaira) – Generation of Negative Ions from sample submitted has been tested and proven

China National Analytical Center (NACC) - Presence of Negative Ions has been tested.

Average emission of negative ions from samples submitted had been tested

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) – Result showed that Cigarette Odor Strength was reduced faster at the area coated with the sample.

Ionpaint was internationally recognized for releasing negative ions which reduce the odor of cigarette/smoke rapidly.

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