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The Slimming Quencher Program utilizes stored fats as fuel for energy, melting off toxic waste within intestines, resulting in a better, younger and a slimmer you in just 4 days!

What Does it Do?
Provide liquid energy for proper body 
Alkalize your body and achieve PH balance.
Increase resting metabolism to burn fats.
Feel younger inside out in 4 days!


√ Reduced Weight

√ Clearer Skin

√ Greater Energy

√ Better Sleep

√ Become Younger!

Slimming Program (Days 1 to 4)
[Please note that no food should be taken at all during the 72 hours of cleansing. The cleansing will not work if this requirement is not strictly adhered to since the body will not be able to transit to burning fats if there are other foods in the system.)

Stir a bottle of the Slimming Quencher (SQ) to mix it evenly as contents may have settled. One bottle will be used every day.
Pour a bottle of SQ into 3 litres of 37C raw distilled water. Add 30ml cold pressed organic whole lemon juice and mix until dissolved. Fill the mixture into smaller bottles for convenience and store them in the chiller.

Consume the above SQ mixture in small sips of 1-2 mouthfuls every 10-15 minutes throughout the day. During your regular meal times, hunger signals may increase and you can sip more frequently if necessary.
Before sleep, consume the 8 capsules of intestinal cleanser with 500ml 37C water + 25ml lemon juice.
Upon rising, drink 500ml 37C water or more to hydrate the body and help with toxin removal.
Repeat from step 1 for the next 3 days.

Post-Cleanse & Supplementation (Days 5-6)
Drink 1 to 2 cups of plain water upon rising, as usual, start with a soft meal. Slowly ease back to your normal food. There may be an increase in toilet visits to purge toxins but the impulses are controllable. It is still advisable to have a toilet nearby.

Consume Nutritional Detox Powder (NDP) with 250ml of water before meals.

End of Cleanse (Day 7)
Eat normally. Do the Inner Beauty Program to detoxify and maintain a slimmer, younger, healthier you!

Testimonials available here @ http://olivengreen.com/index.php?route=news/ncategory&ncat=64_61


*Participants will be weighed at the same time of the day at the start and end of program. Program will last for 4 days and weight lost between 1st and 5th day will be used to calculate the rebate given. Details may be used for promotional purposes by EPG Organic Vegetarian LLP. 

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