Ionic Far-Infrared Detox - Duo (1 Session)

Ionic Far-Infrared Detox - Duo (1 Session)

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Share an enjoy a negative ion sauna with another person in this duo person Ionic Far-Infrared Detox Sauna. Most researchers and sauna advocates say you should use a sauna at least two times a week for 30 minutes a session for health improvement and many other benefits. Experience the benefits a negative ion sauna can bring to you now!


1. Weight Control - One of the most common benefits of a sauna is weight control. Sweating away in a sauna after a hard workout will help you burn a few extra calories. Our dry ionic far-infrared sauna will heat the body and therefore raise your heartbeat and metabolism much more than wet saunas. By raising your metabolism, your body burns calories quicker and more effectively. You can burn up to 300 calories in a 20 minute sauna session, the same number of calories as a short jog or a long walk burns

2. Stress Relief - Long day at the office? Too much running around at home? Feeling stressed-out and tired? A spell in our sauna can help you. By heating your muscles on a regular basis and loosening the tight feeling in your muscles, regular sauna usage can help to reduce stress and make you more relaxed overall. When muscles are heated they loosen, and looser muscles help to relax the body. 

Saunas also help relieve stress by creating a calming, quiet atmosphere. Taking 20 minutes out of your hectic day a few times a week to enjoy a quiet, relaxing sauna can help reduce stress and slow you down. Taking a few minutes for yourself to do something good for your body will do wonders for your stress level. Regular sauna usage can help to reduce stress and make you more relaxed overall.

3. Detoxification - Most of the benefits that come from a sauna are a result of heavy sweating. Sweating accomplishes three things for your body, which are all essential to good health: it rids the body of waste, regulates your core body temperature, and helps keep your skin clean and soft.

Today, people sweat less than they used to. Due to factors such as more sedentary lives, synthetic environments such as air conditioning, and antiperspirants, your opportunity to sweat has been greatly diminished. Sweating is also usually considered an undesirable habit in our current culture. 

The environment also exposes you to heavy-metal toxins such as mercury, aluminum, and iron, and other toxic chemicals such as pesticides, nicotine, and caffeine. These chemicals and metals can build up in your system over time, a buildup which can result in poor health and chronic pain.

Saunas use hyperthermia, or the heating of the body, to induce sweat and encourage cells to let go of the toxins that they've stored. By releasing the toxins, most of your major organs – such as skin, heart, and lungs – will work better and have an overall improved performance. A normal 15-minute sauna produces about 1 liter of sweat, ridding the body of heavy metals, dirt, and chemicals.

Detoxification is a slow process, so you must use the sauna on a regular basis to get the full detoxification benefits. 

4. Cancer Therapy Cancer therapies are always advancing, so it's not surprising to find many oncologists and other doctors use saunas as part of cancer therapy.

Some doctors believe that cancer can be related to the buildup of toxins in your body. One way to get rid of these toxins is by hyperthermia therapy, or the purposeful induction of fever in the body. By inducing fever, the fatty tissues that store the toxins release their grip and let go of the heavy metals and chemicals, purifying the body.

Oncologists are beginning to use far infrared sauna therapy in conjunction with other cancer treatments to help detoxify the body. Sauna therapy is looked at as a holistic, non-invasive treatment that can be very effective. It's important to point out that sauna therapy is not a cure for cancer, but can simply help the therapeutic process as a complementary therapy to other cancer treatments.

5. Pain ReliefOne of the major benefits of using our saunas is pain relief. If you suffer pain from arthritis, muscle weakness, or injury, using a sauna can help ease the soreness and pain in your muscles.

By dilating and expanding peripheral blood vessels, our saunas can help muscle and soft tissue injuries. Using our saunas also stimulates and increases blood flow to your muscles, speeding up the body's natural healing process and aiding in muscle healing.

Regular sauna usage can give relief to chronic back pain, headaches, PMS symptoms, muscle spasms, and a host of other muscle pains.

6. Cardiovascular ExerciseAs with an aerobic workout, using a sauna raises your metabolism and heart rate, which can result in better cardiovascular health.

Our sauna can also help to lower your diastolic blood pressure and increase your cardiac output. Using our sauna in combination with a workout plan gives you twice as many benefits.

Using our sauna on a regular basis with help to increase your cardiovascular health. Remember to drink lots of water while you're using your sauna to replace the bodily fluids lost through sweating.

7. Respiratory HealingAn abundance of negative ions in the air you breathe is considered to be beneficial, and a lack of negative ions, or an abundance of positive ions, can actually cause bodily harm, according to scientists. In our negative ion sauna, a special tourmaline composite creates negative ion concentrations of up to -7000 ions/cc compared to the typical -500 ions/cc found in outdoor air. This ion concentration is similar to many locations known for their healing power around the world, such as waterfalls, sea sides and high mountains.

In European countries especially, much emphasis has been placed on the healing power of negative ions. Negative ion therapy has been used to aid burn victims, to heal respiratory disease, and even stop the spread of some cancers.

When using our sauna, you breathe in the negative ions released from the unique healing gems embedded into the walls, thus helping your respiratory system and aiding your overall health.

8. Skin Rejuvenation & Deep CleansingYour skin will benefit from the increased blood flow circulation that occurs as a result of a sauna. Sweating also clears out your pores and rids your skin of toxins, just like a steam facial. This detoxification aids in getting rid of dirt and oil that can cause acne, making your skin clearer, softer and younger.

The negative ion field in our saunas also help reduce bacteria responsible for many skin diseases, making it comfortable to be used regularly for clearing up skin disorders like eczema.

To achieve optimal results for your skin, make sure you shower immediately after getting out, making sure you wash all the expelled dirt and oil from your skin.

9. Immune System BoostWhen you get sick, your body often develops a fever. While high fevers are a cause of concern, it's not necessarily because of the fever itself – it's because of the toxins your body is trying to fight off.

A fever is your body's natural defense mechanism to rid it of the germs and toxins that make you sick. A sauna “induces fever” by temporarily raising your body temperature in a controlled environment.

As our sauna induces fever and raises your body temperature, your body is able to ward off more invading organisms than normal. Therefore, induced fever by sauna boosts your immune system, making you less susceptible to colds, flu, and other illnesses.


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