O&G Organic Cold Pressed Whole Lemon Juice 有机冷压柠檬汁

O&G Organic Cold Pressed Whole Lemon Juice 有机冷压柠檬汁

Model: LEMJ


O&G Organic lemon juice is cold pressed from whole lemon, complete with all the goodness of the whole fruit for healing and balance. A perfect companion for colon cleanse, Slimming Quencher and liver detox. Adds zest to your favorite drinks. Is known to have alkalizing properties and numerous health benefits. It’s taste is very acceptable and refreshing and wonderful in blends!  With the d-limonene from the essential oil and the citrus pectin … it will be massive for detox – compared to just regular lemon juice. 

>Please note that all Lemon Juice will be made-to-order with one day advance notice and collected at the factory to comply with regulations.

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