Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Healthy Mate 有机苹果醋
Healthy Mate Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is made from organic whole apples aged in wood. Raw, unfiltered, undiluted and containing no preservatives, this powerful antioxidant is known to reduce sinus infections and cure skin conditions, among many other health benefits! Reduces blood sugar by up ..
Rich source of B Vitamins (25-50% of RDI in 5 grams) to build good HDL cholesterol and regulate stress hormones. Ideal for soups, bread spreads and replacing coffee in the morning for energy. Essential for vegans and vegetarians. Symptoms solved: Anemia, post-menses low blood count, poor le..
Organic Quinoa 有机小米
Quinoa is considered by many to be a super grain, delicious to taste and disproportionately high in protein, low in GI. Quinoa is often substituted for rice for its high protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibers and so on. Quinoa is regarded as the "Gold of Incas". Mother of all grains to ..
Organic Sprouted Black Sesame 有机发芽黑芝麻
Sesame is a good source of calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper and zinc (>20% of RDI each in 30 grams). Sprouted to remove antinutrients by 50% that limit mineral absorption. ​Has antioxidant sesamin that protects your bone cartilage. Symptoms solved: High cholesterol, high blood..
Dehydrated Sprouted Almonds  脱水发芽杏仁
These almonds are sprouted before dehydrating at low temperatures. This removes anti-nutrient factors like phytic acid that inhibit absorption of minerals before they are dried without affecting their nutritional properties, resulting in healthier, crunchier and better tasting almonds! Sprouted t..
Dehydrated Organic Pumpkin Seeds  脱水有机南瓜子
These organic pumpkin seeds are carefully pre-selected and dehydrated at low temperature. This ensures that only the best tasting seeds are dried without affecting their nutritional properties, resulting in healthier, crunchier and better tasting pumpkin seeds! Rich source of magnesium ..
Omega-3 Organic Chia Seed 鼠尾草种子
Our organic chia seeds from Bolivia is a super food high in Omega-3 and complete spectrum of beneficial nutrients. You can use it as meal replacement, mix in salad, blend or soak in juice for drinks. ..