Immune Multivitamin Dietary Supplement (Breakfast)

Immune Multivitamin Dietary Supplement (Breakfast)

Model: BFS


The ultimate superfood combination for your daily multivitamin dietary needs. Designed to supercharge your immune system to face every day challenges like Covid-19 with ease. A good source of zinc, selenium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B6, vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin E, vitamin K, curcumin, omega-3s, fiber. 

Symptoms Solved
Osteoporosis, wound & fracture healing after operations, irregular menses,  hormone imbalance, height growth in kids, high cholesterol, heart disease, colon disease, diabetes.

Health Benefits
Enjoy greater cardiovascular health, bone strength, less constipation, smoother skin and reduced cholesterol. 

Instructions for Use

Open one sachet (87g) into 2 cups (500ml) of cool water. Stir occasionally for five minutes. Then add 3 tablespoons of carob syrup and mix thoroughly. Drink with a straw

DO NOT use hot water, as the heat may destroy the nutrients. DO NOT allow the mixture to stand for too long, as it may thicken. 

Storage Instructions
Store in chiller or freezer to prevent oxidation.

Sprouted organic black sesame, organic golden flaxseed, sprouted powder, dehydrated clean turmeric, sprouted almonds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic chia seeds.

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