100% Sprouted Wholegrain Olive Oil Bread - 550 g (Pre-Bake & Sliced) 有机纯素催芽小麥面包
This 100% Sprouted Wholegrains bread is made using purely sprouted wheat berries with no flour added. It is the healthiest and tastiest breakfast bread option you can have right now. Try it today and you'll never go back to other breads again! Use it as a: Healthy Alternative to Whi..
70% Sprouted Wholegrain Olive Oil Bread 310g pre-bake, 6 Slices 有机纯素催芽小麥面包
Our Sprouted Breads are the healthiest breads you will ever find! We are delighted for you to know that we use organic whole grains to create our own sprouts before grinding them into a mash to make breads of it. And for that, we are truly confident of the health benefits our breads can bring to you..
Sprouted Organic Powder (500g)
The first sprouted wholegrain powder manufactured in Asia, O&G's Sprouted Organic Powder has a sweeter and more flavourful taste than normal wheat flours. Made from whole wheat berries sprouted to remove anti-nutrients like phytic acid and release growth vitamins. Dried at less..
Blueberry Olive Oil Bread 藍莓面包
Wild blueberries and our signature Hippocrates EVOO give this product a berry-nice taste. ..
Cranberry Olive Oil Bread  蔓越莓面包
Cranberries, chia seeds and our signature Hippocrates EVOO make this bread good for the ladies!   Organic Cranberry Olive Bread Ingredients: Organic sprouted wheat Organic wheat flour Cranberries Organic Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil Jordan..
MultiFruit Olive Oil Bread 多种干果面包
Raisins, wild blueberries, cranberries and of course, our signature Hippocrates EVOO make this tutty-fruity delight a treat for your tummy and health. Multi Fruit Olive Bread (F)   Ingredients: Organic wheat flour Organic sprouted wheat O&G Hippocrates E..
Wholemeal Olive Oil Bread - 10 Slices 全麥面包
The original O&G creation! Organic whole meal, wheat flour, chia seeds, pure distilled water, Himalayan salt, natural yeast and our signature Organic Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil make this our star product! O&G Wholemeal Olive Bread: Ingredients: Organic Wholemeal Flour ..